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RYS 200

200 Hour Foundations

Teacher training is more than asana; it is an opportunity to dive into the richness and depth yoga has to offer.

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RYS 300

300 Hour Advanced

Our Advanced program is open to those who have successfully completed a 200-hour Teacher Training program.

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Continuing Education

You will gain practical hands-on skills and peer-teaching opportunities in a supportive environment.

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Our Next Offering

Join us for our next Yoga Studies Module when we explore the realms of subtle anatomy through the lens of yoga and ayurveda.

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In our next Yoga Studies Module we will dive into the realm of subtle anatomy – chakras, kosha, doshas and more. Learn from the  ancient wisdom and traditions of yoga and ayurveda: June 2-4, 2017

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Happy Students & Graduates

“I am feeling so blessed to be a part of such a beautiful training.  You have created something really amazing and it’s changing lives and will continue to change lives as it lives through each one of us in the training.”

~ Lisa I, graduate of our Advanced Teacher Training

Happy Students & Graduates

“If anyone is thinking of diving deeper into their own yoga practice by taking the 200 hour teacher training- I highly recommend Inspired Yoga Institute with Nora Maskey & Alice Hong. The love, compassion, nurturing and richness that these beautiful Souls bring to their teaching is priceless.”

~ Arianne M, graduate of our Foundations Teacher Training

Happy Students & Graduates

“Inspired Yoga Institute brings such a special offering of philosophy, embodiment, alignment, and HEART! I had the opportunity to complete my 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training them and what a life enhancing journey it was. This is a commitment to the Self worth journeying with.”

~ Kylee D, graduate of our Foundations Teacher Training

Happy Students & Graduates

Nora and Alice are beyond amazing teachers. Their passion and knowledge of yogic philosophy, traditions, practice, and the physical human anatomy is excellent. They hold their students to high standards, in return the students are completely prepared to be in the seat of the teacher upon completion of the 200hrs. The support for their students doesn’t stop there, they truly care for each student that graduates and is accessible for any and all questions one has when starting their journey..”

~ Robin I, graduate of our Foundations Teacher Training

Moving the Pelvis in Twists

This Month on the Mat:   Sacroiliac dysfunction can be traced to poor posture in everyday activities and to poor alignment in yoga asana practice, especially in seated twisting poses. This dysfunction can lead to pain and instability at the back of your pelvis....

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Moving the Pelvis in Forward Folds

This Month on the Mat There are many cases in yoga where form and alignment are important. Not because there is “right way” or “wrong way,” but because how you move in and out of a yoga pose and how you hold yourself in that pose determines the effects it has on your...

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The Transforming Power of Gratitude

I completed my 21-Day Happiness Projects last week and found the process of self-inquiry to be revealing and supportive. My biggest take-away was that by understanding my tendencies and being able to identify them, I had a choice in how I responded to situations in my...

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