What We Bring

02-YA-SCHOOL-RYS-200The Inspired Yoga Institute welcomes you whether you are exploring yoga for the first time, looking to deepen your personal practice, or on the teaching path. We provide a wide variety of classes and seminars with a focus on education.

At Inspired Yoga Institute, you can expect small class sizes, individual attention and the feedback you need to inspire your personal journey.

Practice: We offer small drop-in and registered classes (maximum 18 students) with our certified instructors at beginner, intermediate and experienced levels as well as therapeutic and restorative classes. We also offer private yoga sessions.

Study: You can deepen your personal practice and explore the traditions of yoga through the Institute’s Yoga Studies courses and seminars, including Asana Labs and a 100-hour Yoga Studies program.

Teach: The Inspired Yoga Institute provides an accredited Yoga Alliance  course at the 200-hour teacher certification level. The 100-hour teaching skills program offers practical hands-on skills and the opportunity to explore teaching in a supportive environment. We believe in the value of hands-on practical skills, small class sizes, individual attention and constructive feedback.

In 2015, we will offer a +300 hour program for those who have been certified at the 200-hour level and teaching consistently for at least two years.

Please browse our site to learn more about our skillful faculty and more details about the diverse programs we offer.